5 Myths of App Publishing Partnership


Are you holding back from seeking a publishing partner for your app due to prevalent misconceptions in the industry? It's time to separate fact from fiction. In this piece, we address five major myths surrounding app publishing partnerships, shedding light on the truth about collaboration, intellectual property, profit margins, and more.

Myth #1: Only Studios with Proven Records Can Partner

Truth: The world of app publishing is not just for the elite few with a history of hits. We at MWM believe in the potential of all creators, regardless of their prior achievements or resources. Whether you're a first-time app developer or a small studio, your dedication to your app and your innovative ideas are what truly matter.

Myth #2: Publishers Are Just Marketing Agencies

Truth: Our role in your journey goes far beyond typical app marketing strategies. As a publisher, we immerse ourselves in every aspect of your app's life cycle. From nuanced product development to strategic user acquisition (UA) and monetization tactics, we ensure a holistic approach to your app's success. This comprehensive involvement sets us apart and underscores our commitment to not just market but to nurture and grow your vision.

Myth #3: Partnership Means Losing IP Rights

Truth: Collaborating with a publisher like MWM doesn't mean sacrificing your creative control. We build partnerships based on mutual respect for your vision and intellectual property. Maintaining your legal and creative ownership is paramount, ensuring your rights are protected while benefiting from our resources and expertise for more efficient development cycles.

Myth #4: There is a Definitive “Answer” to Unlock an App’s Potential

Truth: In the realm of mobile app success, there is no magic formula. Each app is a unique entity, and our expertise lies in customizing our approach to fit its specific needs. We focus on avoiding common pitfalls and leveraging our deep understanding of the app market to guide your app towards its unique path to success.

Myth #5: Profit Margins Will Suffer

Truth: A common misconception is that partnering with a publisher will dilute your profits. On the contrary, a publisher can amplify your profit potential. With access to our vast resources, industry expertise, and innovative marketing strategies, we enhance your app's profitability. Moreover, our favorable contract terms are designed to ensure that your financial gains are maximized.

The journey of app development and publishing is filled with challenges, but as we've debunked these common myths, it's clear that the right partnership can make all the difference. Whether you're an emerging developer or a seasoned creator, a publishing partnership can provide the essential support and guidance needed to navigate the complex world of app development and marketing.

Don't let myths hold you back from achieving mobile app success. If you have a promising app and are looking for expert guidance and partnership, reach out to our publishing team. publishing@mwm.io