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For 12 years, MWM has been topping app stores around the globe.

We have constructed a global knowledge base to refine our apps, aiming for even the slightest improvements in monetization, user acquisition, and engagement.

Now is the time to extend our expertise to every app developer, offering an unique opportunity in a market that has never been more challenging to penetrate.

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We've channeled our 12 years of expertise into the MWM publishing platform to fully unleash your app's potential and hit the Top Charts.

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“MWM helped us test and think about areas like monetization and advertising in a way that we just wouldn't have on our own, and funded the ad campaigns that have really propelled Swipewipe to its success.”

Adam O’Kane, Swipewipe founder

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“With MWM I found a like-minded company with a strong track record. This collaboration not only provided marketing expertise but also fostered a shared sense of motivation and success.”

Charly Berthet, FeedPreview founder

How it works
  1. Complete the form

    Submit your application to the MWM Publisher program. If your app qualifies, we'll arrange a meeting promptly.

  2. UA evaluation

    As part of the process, we conduct small-scale tests on various advertising networks to assess your app’s scalability potential.

  3. It’s showtime!

    We'll draft an agreement to safeguard both parties' rights and offer a fair profit sharing on additional revenue. Sign our proposal and let the show begin.

MWM Publishing benefits
User AcquisitionWe handle all aspects of app growth, creating and executing a full UA strategy, and leveraging partnerships with major networks to attract high-quality users.
Ads ProductionWe produce 50+ ad concepts per week per app to ensure your app always has a winning ad with the lowest CPI.
MonetizationWe implement monetization model, optimized to each app without disrupting user experience.
App Store FeaturingOur ASO expertise and strong app store partnerships ensure your app consistently gets featured and ranks highly for top keywords.
Product ManagementWe handle all the complex project management tasks, ensuring your app hits all milestones on time and meets its goals.
UX/UI SupportOur team provides expert UX/UI design assistance to improve your app's look and usability, available whenever you need it.
Powering by TechTake advantage of our AI tools and engines, developed and refined for our own apps.
Content LicensingWe secure global licensing agreements to provide your app with premium content at no additional costs to you.
MWM Publishing:
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Preferred Partnerships
For 12 years, MWM has built strong relationships with top global partners to produce successful apps.
Working with us gives you access to these valuable partnerships.

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