A Closer Look at Swipewipe: Collaborating with Top creators

A Closer Look at Swipewipe: Collaborating with Top creators

In our previous blogs about Swipewipe, we explored the ideal business model and our marketing journey that propelled us onto the charts within just 90 days. This time, we're delving into our top-performing creative strategies, especially those involving creators. The success of Swipewipe is also significantly attributed to our strategic choice of creators and creating genuine ads. Thomas Pereira from our User Generated Content(UGC) team shares insights into how we collaborate with creators to make ads that stand out.

Variety: The Essence of Success

The uniqueness of each successful ad keeps our approach exciting. Despite our team’s comprehensive understanding of creatives and insights that guide our content creators, collaborating with these creators brings fresh, unexpected ideas that truly make a difference. We then integrate these new insights into our creative briefs, fueling future productions.
Thomas PEREIRA, Lead UGC Coordinator

For instance, a video above by a creator known as "V" highlighted the impact of showcasing a dramatic before-and-after scenario of one's camera roll, significantly enhancing performance. It was the creators' ability to genuinely connect with the audience about their cluttered camera rolls and how Swipewipe offers a solution.

Selecting the Ideal Creators

When we look for creators, we prioritize authenticity and a solid understanding of what resonates on platforms like TikTok over just metrics like follower counts or likes. If creators can present our app in a genuine and compelling manner, they stand out as strong candidates for our campaigns.

The Key Ingredient to Success

Showcasing the app as easy-to-use, fun, and authentic is crucial. However, what works for Swipewipe may not be universally applicable. Our strategy involves understanding our audience and tailoring our approach accordingly. It’s our task to mirror our target audience's goals and interests in our briefs and creatives.
Thomas PEREIRA, Lead UGC Coordinator

Each campaign offers fresh data and insights, essential for refining our advertising strategy and enhancing the effectiveness of subsequent ads. At MWM, we understand that the story behind the KPIs is more complex than numbers alone. While aiming for the lowest possible Cost per Install (CPI) to maximize revenue, our strategy extends beyond rigid metrics, considering the Lifetime Value (LTV) of an app to ensure its profitability and sustainability.

So, what’s next for Swipewipe? Our UGC team is already preparing for the next campaigns, armed with insights from our creators, feedback from our users, and robust data analysis.

For those developing an app but unsure where to begin with marketing strategies and creators collaborations, partnering with MWM could be a significant leap to realize your app’s full potential. Our dedicated teams excel in research, creative strategy, and data analysis, providing insights and developing strategies that are as innovative as they are effective.

Interested in taking your app to the next level and ensuring its profitability? Contact our publishing team.