Black History Month: Top DJ playlists on edjing MIX


In a world where representation truly matters, MWM has taken a groundbreaking step with the launch of our latest initiative – Editorial Content. This project provides a platform for those often underrepresented in the arts, music, and tech scenes by fostering inclusivity across various creative domains. “Spotlight,” our premier curated playlist feature within the edjing MIX app, leads this charge by showcasing a rich diversity of voices and genres each month.

“Spotlight” DJ playlist on Black History Month

This month, we turn our focus to Black History Month, featuring a playlist that's been thoughtfully curated to reflect the rich cultural heritage of Black artists and their significant impact on the vibrant sounds of house, dance, and electro genres.

The playlist stands as a vibrant celebration of diversity and a tribute to the Black artists who have profoundly influenced the music scene. It offers DJs an opportunity to diversify their sets with a wide array of sounds, inviting them to explore the historical significance and influence of these genres. This exploration not only enriches performances but also pays homage to black artists in shaping the music landscape.

Here’s a sneak peek of the playlist you won’t want to miss.

  1. The Ballad of Robert O’Bryant” by Waajeed
  2. BREAK MY SOUL” Honey Dijon Remix by Beyoncé, Honey Dijon
  3. Bigger Than Prince” Hot Since 82 Remix by Green Velvet
  4. Pink + White” by Frank Ocean
  5. Move Your Body Director’s Cut Retro Signature Mix by Marshall Jefferson
  6. Think by Aretha Franklin
  7. Your Love” Remastered by Frankie Knuckles
  8. About Love Jaden Thompson Extended Remix by Roy Davis Jr.
  9. Not About You KDA ‘Legacy’ Extended Remix by Honey Dijon
  10. Git Up, Git Out” by Goodie Mob, Outkast
  11. Return It” by Kim Ann Foxman
  12. Living For The City by Stevie Wonder
  13. About Your Love by Black Fancy
  14. Mouth To Mouth by Niteplan
  15. I Used to Love Him” by Mary J. Blige, Lauryn Hill
  16. Memoirs of Hi Tech Jazz (feat. Black Nix) Jensen Interceptor x Assembler Code Remix
  17. Your Tongue by HoneyLuv
  18. Everywhere is House Extended Mix by Kurd Maverick, Roland Clark
  19. Deep in Vogue” The Category Mix by Victoria Wilson James, Waterson
  20. Where Love Lives (Come On In)” Classic Mix by Alison Limerick


To immerse yourself in the full Djing experience of these iconic tracks, check out edjing MIX, where you can access the complete playlist.

Apple’s Recognition

Our Editorial Content initiative’s impact has not gone unnoticed, particularly with our Spotlight playlist drawing significant attention from Apple. Featured as a top event in the French App Store, this recognition from Apple brings thousands of listeners eager to explore the tracks that celebrate Black History Month. This recognition highlights the importance of initiatives that foster diversity and inclusion, recognising the diverse voices that contribute to the world of music.

edjing MIX: Your Platform for the Coolest DJing

At MWM, our passion for edjing MIX is about creating, mixing, and discovering new horizons in music. Recognized globally as the leading DJ app, edjing MIX is designed for DJs of all skill levels, offering a tool that makes advanced DJing accessible to everyone. With its intuitive and comprehensive interface, cutting-edge AI technology, and DJ Pro Masterclasses, the app provides a seamless blend of fun and professionalism. Users can dive into fun exercises, access millions of tracks, and now, explore ready-to-mix curated playlists crafted to inspire and elevate DJ sets across any genre and style.

As the Spotlight playlist continues to resonate with audiences and gain recognition, we’re excited to see more users engaging with our app. Explore the influential tracks of Black artists and immerse yourself in the DJing experience we offer. Keep an eye out for more curated playlists arriving each month, promising even more diversity and inspiration for your sets!

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