Master User Review Management: Boost Your App’s Success


User Reviews are not just one layer in the process of making your apps successful. They are the very core of innovation in the app development ecosystem. At MWM, managing around 10,000 reviews every month across our platforms underscores the impact and reach of our apps.

Our customer success team at MWM has provided an overview of last month’s user review statistics, showcasing our unique strategy for handling user feedback, powered by AI-driven tools. This approach has significantly shortened our response times, boosted user satisfaction, and consistently improved our app ratings.

1. Engage Proactively to Extensive User Feedback

Last month, our platforms received approximately 8,568 reviews - 2,155 on iOS and 6,413 on Android. (These numbers can fluctuate slightly over time, as users may update or remove their reviews.) This is a clear indicator of our users’ active participation, which is pivotal for refining and enhancing our apps. This engagement provides valuable insights into user preferences and areas for improvement.

Upon receiving reviews, we prioritize engaging with them, especially the critical ones. In February, we focused on addressing about 1,500 reviews, particularly towards critical feedback. This process transforms challenges into conversations that help us grow and evolve.

2. Quick and Effective Feedback Responses Matter

Fast and effective communication is at the heart of our customer service. We take pride in our ability to address 24% of new emails within the first hour. Not only do we aim to be fast, but the replies to user feedback must also be clear and helpful. For instance, our team quickly responded to a complaint email, providing straightforward and useful information to solve the user’s problem. This prompt and supportive response led to the user updating their review, expressing gratitude for our assistance.

3. AI with a Personal Touch is The Ultimate Weapon

Behind these fast and proactive responses, our unique customer service strategy plays a pivotal role. It’s a strategy that combines AI efficiency with personal interaction. An in-house tool efficiently aggregates all reviews in one place, equipped with auto-translate and auto-tagging functions. This setup allows us to efficiently categorize feedback and gain insights for action.


Coupled with Looker, our performance tracking dashboard, we can monitor support KPIs in reviews, replies, reporting, track topics, and trend evolution, which facilitates effortless analysis.

We've seen remarkable improvements: response times have been reduced to 2 days on iOS and 0.5 days on Android; our rate of responding to critical reviews has increased from 70% last year to 97% in Feb 2024; and the average review rating has jumped from 3.65 to 3.91. These figures underscores the importance of leveraging technical tools to efficiently handle an increasing volume of high-quality user reviews while maintaining speed and personal interaction. Most importantly, there is the team’s relentless drive towards customer service excellence.

4. Celebrate User Satisfaction and Rating Improvements

The proof of our success is in the ratings. The February alone, we witnessed a total of 9,364,650 ratings across iOS and Android worldwide from both our internal and publishing apps. With our average review rating in the US being 4,16 on iOS and 4,09 on Android, these figures prove the trust and satisfaction our users have in our products.

The key to our success in customer service is understanding and appreciating each user’s opinion. Handling an immense volume of reviews and enhancing our response times and app ratings are fundamental aspects of MWM’s user review management strategy. By integrating advanced AI with thoughtful human interaction, we’ve become more efficient, built deeper trust with our users, and elevated overall satisfaction. Partnering with MWM offers you access to our proven strategies and technologies in user review management.

Struggling with app reviews? Want to enhance your app’s user satisfaction and leveraging our expertise? Contact our publishing team for expert assistance in achieving excellence.