Meet Alexis: MWM’s New Head of Creative

A big welcome to Alexis, the new Head of Creative at MWM, who brings a wealth of real-world experience to our team. In this interview, we explore Alexis's strategic vision, creative insights and his approach to fostering a dynamic team environment. With a background rich in motion design, marketing, leadership, and entrepreneurship, Alexis's journey offers a glimpse into the future of creativity and execution at MWM. Read on to discover the innovative direction Alexis is crafting for our team.

1. Can you share a brief overview of your professional journey leading up to this role as Head of Creative?

Over the past 15 years, my professional journey has been a diverse and enriching experience. Beginning as a motion designer and editor, I gradually expanded my skills to include marketing, leading creative teams, and ultimately serving as a creative director. Alongside this, I founded several companies across various domains, which enhanced my perspective on creativity and business. My tenure at Voodoo was particularly formative, allowing me to hone my skills in a dynamic and fast-paced environment. This blend of experiences has equipped me with a unique blend of creative and strategic thinking, essential for my role as Head of Creative at MWM.

2. As the Head of our Creative Team, how do you envision driving the creative direction of our products?

In my role as Head of Creative, I envision driving our creative direction through a dynamic blend of experimentation and data-driven insights. The nature of our work at MWM, particularly in the realms of app development and AI, demands agility and the capacity to pivot quickly in response to evolving trends and user feedback. My strategy involves fostering an environment where testing a variety of creative ideas is not just encouraged but is a fundamental part of our process.

By being adaptable and responsive to the fast-paced changes inherent in our industry, we can stay ahead of the curve. Benchmarking competitors and actively engaging with social media trends are key components of this approach. I aim to ensure that each team member feels empowered to take ownership of their projects, thus enhancing our acquisition funnel from creative ideation to product execution. Achieving a balance between strong, innovative concepts and iterative improvements is crucial, ensuring all team elements, from video and ASO to playable, UGC, UA, and product teams, are aligned and moving quickly and effectively together.

In summary, my vision is to lead a team that is not just creative, but also swift, adaptable, and always ready to embrace new challenges and opportunities in the dynamic landscape of app and AI development.

3. How do you see your personal creative philosophy aligning with our company's values and vision?

My personal creative approach aligns deeply with MWM's core values.

Passion is the driving force behind my creative endeavors, mirroring MWM's commitment to infusing enthusiasm and energy into every project. I believe in creating work that not only resonates with our audience but also leaves a lasting impact, aligning with MWM's goal to make a significant imprint in the app publishing world.

Resilience has been a key component of my career, allowing me to navigate the challenges and changes inherent in the creative industry. This aligns with MWM's focus on enduring and thriving through challenges, especially in the dynamic fields of app development and AI.

In my new role, I see a harmonious blend of these values with my approach to creativity. By fostering a culture of passionate innovation, aiming for impactful outcomes, and maintaining resilience in the face of challenges, I believe we can propel MWM to new heights thanks to creatives. My commitment is to embody these values in our creative strategies and operations, ensuring they are not just words, but the foundation of everything we do.

4. How do you approach leading a diverse and multidisciplinary creative team?

Leading a diverse and multidisciplinary team at MWM requires a multifaceted approach, one that respects and harnesses the unique strengths and perspectives of each team member. In my role, I prioritize creating an inclusive environment where every voice is heard and valued. This begins with open communication, ensuring that team members from various disciplines, whether they are ASO specialists, video marketing artists, playables experts, UGC creators, or part of the innovative R&D team 'The Lab', feel equally involved and essential to our collective success.

I believe in the power of collaborative creativity. By encouraging cross-disciplinary interaction and idea-sharing, we can spark innovative solutions that might not emerge within siloed teams. Regular brainstorming sessions, creative workshops, and team-building activities will be instrumental in fostering this collaborative spirit.

Education and continuous learning are also key. I intend to facilitate opportunities for team members to expand their skills and knowledge, not only in their areas of expertise but also in understanding other aspects of our creative process. This approach not only enhances individual capabilities but also enriches the team's overall skill set.

Empathy and understanding are crucial in managing a diverse team. Recognizing the unique challenges and motivations of each member allows for a more supportive and productive work environment. I'm committed to being an approachable leader, one who listens and adapts to the needs of the team, ensuring that everyone feels supported in their roles and career paths.

Additionally, celebrating successes and learning from setbacks as a team is vital. This approach helps build a resilient and motivated team culture, where members feel valued and part of a larger, shared mission. Our goal is not just to produce outstanding creative work but also to grow and evolve as a cohesive, innovative unit.

5. Outside of work, what are some of your hobbies or interests?

Outside of work, I immerse myself in the world of music production, focusing on techno and pop genres, and enjoy DJing. This passion for music complements the artistic environment at MWM, where many are musicians themselves. Additionally, I am an avid art enthusiast, appreciating various art forms which often inspire my professional work. Sports, including football, tennis, and golf, are also a significant part of my life, offering me a different kind of creative outlet and relaxation.

6. What would you like to say to the teams you'll be leading and working closely with?

To the incredible teams at MWM, I am thrilled to join you as we embark on this exciting journey together. My commitment is to create an environment where each of you feels empowered to bring your best ideas to the table. I value your expertise, creativity, and dedication, and am eager to learn from each of you. Together, we'll push boundaries, innovate, and achieve great success. Let's make a remarkable impact and grow together!

7. As we look ahead, what’s one significant impact or change you hope to achieve in your role as Head of Creative at MWM?

My primary goal is to significantly enhance our creative impact, especially in scaling apps from other developers. I aim to crack the creative code necessary for this scale, ensuring our creative strategies resonate effectively with diverse audiences. By aligning our creative output with cutting-edge trends and user preferences, I envision establishing MWM as a trendsetter in app publishing, recognized for its innovative and impactful creative strategies. This will not only drive our success but also set new industry standards.