Stemz AI: Transforming Music Production with Martin Solveig


Almost a year has passed since Stemz’s global debut, we’ve seen extraordinary milestones, none more thrilling than our collaboration with the iconic French DJ, Martin Solveig. Let’s revisit Stemz’s innovative features that revolutionize music production for artists and music lovers, with a special focus on our unforgettable journey with Martin Solveig!

The Magic of Stemz

Stemz, our AI-driven music app, is a groundbreaking advancement in music creation. Designed for musicians of all kinds – from singers and instrumentalists to music enthusiasts – Stemz leverages advanced AI to offer an unprecedented level of precision in audio separation. This technological allows users to isolate vocals and instruments from any track, enabling to remix, reinterprete and create unique musical pieces. Functioning in real-time and conveniently portable, Stemz combines an intuitive interface with sophisticated AI algorithms. This not only simplifies track extraction but also assures exceptional clarity and accuracy.

Martin Solveig, our ambassador of Stemz

Stemz embodies MWM's core values of merging breathtaking technology with user-friendly experiences. This ethos resonates with both beginners in music and icons like Martin Solveig, exemplifying Stemz's broad appeal.

Our collaboration with Martin Solveig, one of our pivotal users of Stemz, highlights the app’s capabilities. In a special one-hour session in his Paris studio, filmed by HTRZ_MKRZ, Martin created an exclusive new mix using Stemz AI. He remixed popular tracks like "Madan" and "Intoxicated,” offering a rare glimpse into his creative process and showcasing Stemz’s role in his weekly mix creations.

Martin's insights revealed the transformative impact of Stemz in professional music production. He discovered new possibilities with the app, blending traditional DJ techniques with Stemz's AI innovation. The app’s ability to remix even classic songs showcases its versatility, catering to a wide spectrum of musical tastes and styles. Martin Solveig artfully combined and sampled songs, transforming even the oldest tracks into something new and exciting. ‍ Now, we invite you to check out Martin Solveig's interview to see how Stemz is transforming music production and discover why it's the choice of professionals and beginners in music.